Class Absences

Sometimes students miss class due to extenuating circumstances…

Instructors and departments are responsible for establishing attendance policies for classes and examinations. These policies must accommodate student participation in University-sanctioned extracurricular/co-curricular activities. Please see the University General Catalog for additional information:

At CSU there is no “excused absence” policy for illness, injury, or other personal circumstances. As a courtesy to both students and faculty, the Student Case Management office developed a protocol to aid students in communicating legitimate and verifiable life circumstances. For absences unrelated to University-sanctioned activities and with verifiable documentation, a student may request notification be sent to their faculty. Instructor Notification does not excuse an absence from class and any considerations for class absences are at the discretion of the individual professor. As a courtesy to faculty and instructors, the Student Case Management office collects and verifies a student’s documentation of extenuating circumstances. Faculty and instructors may view the documentation in the Student Case Management office if it will aid in their decision to offer considerations to an individual student.

After receipt of verifiable documentation, an Instructor Notification may be sent within 3 business days.

Students who have absences due to temporary or permanent disabilities or chronic health conditions should contact the Student Disability Center to discuss reasonable accommodations.

Sometimes a student experiences extenuating circumstances that cannot be verified such as the death of a friend, financial circumstances, employment responsibilities, and many other situations. We do not doubt the impact such situations have on a student and their academics. Regrettably, we cannot provide an Instructor Notification for circumstances that we cannot verify.

Verifiable documentation includes, but is not limited to:

  • Doctor’s note on letterhead stating the day(s), duration and specific reason for an absence.
  • Online obituary stating the day and time of service and we must be able to verify the relationship to the deceased.
  • Jury Duty summons
  • Official Police Reports
  • Court summons